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I was really excited when I saw that this footage had been released, and I wanted to share it. The Harry Potter movies have been around for a decade. This was the last ever scene that the actors shot... It must have been very emotional for them...
I was also sad when I saw this, because it means that the Potter movies will finally come to an end, like the books did. But I cannot wait to see the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer! 
10/4/2011 08:05:14 pm

Aww. I bet all of the actors will still be in touch with their co-stars. You can see that over the years of all the Harry Potter Movies, they have such a strong bond of friendship. I just hope we will see something as good as Harry Potter in the future.

Victoria. B
17/4/2011 09:40:29 pm

I find it a little wierd that they end the whole series with them just jumping into noware......


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