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I read an article on the BBC News Website about how the peaceful protests in Libya had turned into a Civil War. I thought this was really interesting, and wanted to share it with you. 
(This is in my own words.)

These past few months have been full of revolutions in the Middle East. From Tunisia, to Egypt, to Algeria and a whole lot of other Arab World countries uprisings have spread like wild fire. But the most recent one that the world has had their eyes on has been Libya. The Libyan protests weren't given much importance at first. Everyone was sure that Gaddafi, the ruler, would be gone in a matter of two weeks. But he stayed on. And no matter how massive the protests got, no matter how peaceful or violent they were, the world was surprised. Gaddafi hadn't stepped down yet. 

How could this be possible? How could the much more powerful leaders of the neighboring nations be thrown out in a month's time? 
But Gaddafi, unlike the other leaders, was aggressive. He fought back. Hard. 
He was prepared to kill people if they said anything against him. He crushed any uprisings, any protests that cropped up. But apparently the Libyan people were dying for him to go, because they never gave in. And Gaddafi's own supporters got a bit tense because they joined in the battle too. 
And before the world knew it, we were looking at a civil war. 
Some ministers in Libya thought that it had gotten too far and left the country, like the Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa. He went to England, and there he told the British Government not to give up on the Libyan people. England, France and many other NATO countries joined the fight. 
We are now faced with an important question...
So when will Gaddafi go?
Is it just a matter of time, or a few more years of conflict? 
Mrs B
13/4/2011 09:08:24 pm

I too have been watching the events in Libya unfold with a heavy heart. Noone would wish war on anyone.

I hope that Gaddafi will realise it is better to bow out gracefully, than to hang on in desperation.

I wish the people of Libya luck in dealing with the events ahead.

I enjoyed that this article was written in your own words, so heartfelt, and asking important questions. I can't believe you are Grade 6 writing like this!


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