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Ethnocide. I bet half the people reading this will not know what "ethnocide" means. So I'll explain in a simple way: Ethnocide means "loss of culture". How can someone lose their culture? In lots of ways. Imagine that you belong to an indigenous tribe living in a rainforest. Suddenly, these random people come and cut down your precious trees. You need those trees for food and shelter. 

So what can you do? Fighting back won't work. These strangers have got something called "court" and you don't want to get involved in that. You have to move out, out into the modern world which you know nothing of. They've got computers and mobile phones and televisions. They DEFINITELY do not hunt with spears or play indigenous music for entertainment. You need to fit in. And to do that you need to stop practicing your culture.

If you decide to settle down in the modern world, in a few generations time, your great grandchildren probably won't even remember where they came from. 
Not many people are aware of it, but it is happening. Some people don't think it deserves attention, but think about it... Imagine not knowing where you came from,
living in a world with absolutely no ties to your culture. 

But this can be stopped. NGOs like Cultural Survival are working to save the cultures and languages from going extinct. People like Wade Davis, an anthropologist, are spreading awareness about this problem. You can help, too. Be aware of this. Donate money to these causes. Trust me, it will help someone somewhere. 

Mrs B
5/4/2011 06:15:38 pm

Wade Davis does excellent work, doesn't he? I'm so glad you brought this to our attention.

Where I'm from (NZ), there are fewer & fewer people speaking the native language of Maori. I think it's a great shame, so I try to teach my children some of the songs we sang as kids etc. One small way of trying to hold on to a piece of the culture I suppose.

Great that you linked the image - if you take off the words "image credit" you will have more room for your text though. :-)


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