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#1. The sky is blue. If it has appeared to be any other color to you, either its you that's hallucinating, or everyone else in the world is.

#2. People need to be more proactive, instead of grumbling about the way things are in this world right now.

#3. The world needs more leaders who consider consequences.

#4. It is impossible to be philosophical without being a bit cheesy. 

#5. Toasts don't talk. Burnt ones don't either. 

#6. Anyone who ignores Global Warming probably wants to be hit by a melting iceberg.

#7. No matter what you look like or who you are, you will always find people avoid you if you go around saying that broccoli will one day rule the world. 

#8. Everyone on this planet wants to be happy. Unfortunately, the funny thing  is that not everybody can be at the same time.

#9. Dogs do not see in black and white, as it is widely believed. They see in colour, and cannot tell the difference between red and green. They probably call it gred. 

#10. Cows cannot walk down the stairs. Please refrain from adding stairs to your cowshed, they will not help unless you want to cause your cow unnecessary stress. 
12/4/2011 10:47:21 pm

I fell off my chair reading this! ABSOLUTELY HUMOUROUS!

16/4/2011 09:29:37 pm

Hi Kavya,

Your post is absolutely FUNNY!

Victoria. B
17/4/2011 09:38:30 pm

Great job. I really liked your ten things that are true. There's only one thing that surprised me. Why didn't you say "I'm obcessed with Harry Potter"?


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